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A Sea of Dragons

An Interactive Fantasy Adventure

​The Sea of Dragons is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story/game! Embark on a quest to rescue your sister from Dragons where you'll meet zany characters, gamble, explore, and sail to Dragon Island (if you don't get yourself killed first)!

This project was longlisted for the International, New Media Writing Opening Up Prize in 2022. 

Play the story for free on at the link below!​​

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A Boo-Z Tale

An Interactive Fiction Whodunnit

A Boo-Z Tale is a text-based interactive fiction mystery where you are a ghost, tasked with solving the mystery of your own death.   Explore the dive bar you died in, scare a few living folks, and find clues about what caused your ultimate demise. 

Can you solve the mystery of your own death? 

Play the story for free on at the link below!​​

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How to Play

Click the page to progress through the story (clicking words highlighted in blue will either uncover new information or take you to a new page of the adventure)! There is a back arrow in the top right hand corner if you ever want to return to a previous page (but be warned, excessive use of the back arrow may cause bugs).

Feedback Form

Found a typo? Ran into an error/issue with the game? Have an idea for something fun to add? Just want to tell me what you think of the story?

Fill out the Feedback Form below!

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