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Where to Find my Poetry & Plays

Below is a sampling of all of my published poetry that is available online (without a paywall).

Hydrangeas in Vase
Image by Annie Spratt

Peace is a place where no one Flinches

Crisis Economics in Three Parts; Ruminations; Appalachian Spine

Funeral Service

Image by Nikhita Singhal
Image by Chris Anderson
Purple Flowers

Somber Season

Gatekeepers of the Soul

When I Saw You

Poetry & Plays: Work


I've experimented with many forms of creative literature. However, playwrighting has a special place in my heart, as it is where I began as a writer. Here's where to find some of the plays I've written:

Purple Ink

Pioneer Drama ~ 2020

Diane Fletcher is dead, but her story is not over.  Diane’s estranged daughters, Kay and Melody, have arrived to clean out their childhood home but are shocked to learn their mother had become a hoarder in her final years.  Along with Diane’s sister and close friends, the ladies work to not only clear the junk, but also understand Diane’s motivations for keeping everything, including secrets.  Eventually, Melody finds Diane’s diary.  Does the book contain all the things a mother wanted to say to her daughters, or is it a mistake to invade the privacy of the dead?

Purple Ink Cover_edited_edited.jpg
Poetry & Plays: Quote

"Poetry is what happens when nothing else can."

Charles Bukowski

Poetry & Plays: Work
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