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all the brooding flowers

 An illustrated poetry collection

This collection appreciates the nuances of being alive, examines grief in the wake of loss, and scrutinizes the experiences of adolescence. It pairs insightful poetry with hand-made paper collages for an experience that is both emotionally striking and visually stunning.

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Love the art? Carry it with you!

A handful of the poems and artwork from All the brooding flowers may be purchased on Redbubble, a website that supports independent artist across the globe!

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The Wailings

A Horror Novella

"When Madam limped toward her, Rei didn’t look up.
She couldn’t look up.
Because she only knew one thing for certain.
Don’t look her in the eyes."


Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook format!

Praise for The Wailings

From the creepy character Madam to the mysteriously missing memories to the scratching noises on the door, Craig tickles every sense to create a truly hair-raising tale you’ll want to devour in one sitting.

Marissa Lete, Author of the Echoes series

Relying on tension building through a unique setting and unsettling descriptions vs. cheap scares or gore, this book is a masterclass in how to create an immersive story.

Stephen Roddewig, Author of A Bloody Business

A truly fresh take on the horror genre. As someone whose mind often wanders while doing most anything, this book roped me in from front to back. I can't recommend this novella enough!

Melissa B, Amazon Reviewer

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