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2023 & a new book on the horizon

Happy New Year! I hope 2023 has been kind to everyone so far.

Back in December 2021, I began writing a cozy, character-driven fantasy novel. This was not my first attempt at writing a novel, in fact, I've started many novels. But one year later, in December 2022, this would become the first novel I finished.

While I didn't kiss it at midnight, it was exciting to bring in the new year with this freshly completed manuscript in my hands. As such, this book is central to several of my little new year's resolutions. I would like to do a few editing passes on the book, then I need to decide on its publishing journey. Self-publishing and traditional publishing both have their own pros and cons, and I want to make the right choice for my literary baby.

So what's the book about?

The Spirit Guide (working title) is about a young spirit guide named Maia, whose Matriarch mother gets consumed by an infected spirit. After the accident, Maia and the shape-shifting fox, Jojo, must journey into the Spirit World to find the All-Seer, a legendary spirit said to have the power to bring back lost souls.

The Spirit Guide not only explores young Maia’s quest to find the All-Seer, but also paints an intimate picture of complex mother/daughter relationships, adolescent insecurities, and personal growth. It is not only an adventure but also a love letter to my younger self filled with rich imagery and fantastical elements. I'm really happy with the arcs in this book, and hope that it can really be polished and pretty after a little more editing.

In the meantime, I'll keep you updated about the book's progress with as much honesty and transparency as I can!

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