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Introducing: The Sea of Dragons

An Interactive Fantasy Saga

I'm thrilled to announce that my website is now featuring an original Choose-Your-Own-Adventure fantasy saga, written by yours truly!

The Sea of Dragons began as a short story but quickly grew into a more ambitious project for me. It combines my love of video games with my love of storytelling to create an interactive adventure that is funny, fantastical, and fun. I debated waiting until the story was complete to post it on my website, but then I figured it would be more fun if I updated as I created it. That way we all can watch as this story unfold and become something bigger and better!

So explore the story: meet characters, gamble, sail, and rescue your sister (all while trying not to die)! I hope you have as much fun playing the story as I am having writing and coding it!

The Details

The Sea of Dragons is now available on my website (for free), where it will be updated on a semi-regular basis. You can find it, here!

The original story can be found on my vocal page, here. Check it out, if you'd like!

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