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Old News is better than No News....

Hello friends,

I do try to update my website once a month (or so) with news. If for no other reason, I do this because it provides me with a wonderful time capsule for how I've grown and changed as a writer and a creative.

But life has been a tad hectic lately. You see, my husband and I just recently purchased a house! And although this is a very exciting step for us, the home-buying process has been quite consuming. In the thick of touring and bidding on homes, I realized that I forgot to take a moment to appreciate a recent(ish) accomplishment.

As some of you know, I've been enjoying writing on the online platform, Vocal. And back in February and March, they ran a "Time Traveler" Challenge, where the goal was to "Write a fiction story about a time traveler who tries to alter a historical event." For this challenge, I decided to write a story about a young witch who travels back in time to the Salem Witch Trials to find her family's grimoire.

I'm proud to announce that this story, A Spell of Sage and Thyme, was named as a Runner-Up in the Challenge! This is always exciting for me, and little victories such as this keep me energized and excited about the future.

And speaking of the future... I have some very exciting projects in the works right now. Unfortunately, I still cannot quite speak about them publicly. However, I promise that even when I am not posting here, my heart is always with my writing.

Goodbye for now, and thank you so much for reading this little snapshot of my life. I appreciate you being here, for the journey.



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