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New Novella & My Latest Interview

Today I have the privilege of announcing my very first solo offering, a psychological horror novella titled, "The Wailings!"

Book Description:

"When Madam limped toward her, Rei didn’t look up.

She couldn’t look up.

Because she only knew one thing for certain.

Don’t look her in the eyes."


Rei’s memories slip through her fingers. Every ninth night another sibling is adopted, and each time she can only recall a blurry, featureless head. Without her mind to rely on, she must create a system of notetaking to help her make sense of the strange and twisted orphanage.

This novella is told through a series of nonlinear vignettes, as Rei attempts to solve the mystery of the dark creature who watches over her. Help uncover the truth in this heart-pounding, terror-inducing thriller as a trapped girl struggles to escape the ever-present eyes of the Madam.

Interested in reading more?

You can purchase "The Wailings" as an ebook or paperback here! Additionally, you can read the book for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

And if you prefer to listen to your books, then don't worry. The audiobook will be out in early October!


In other exciting news, I also had the incredible honor of being the featured poet for Mud Season Review, an international poetry journal!

As part of this honor, a sampling of my poetry has been featured on the website, and I was interviewed by Jonah Meyer. In this interview, I got to talk about my experience hoping across genres, rejection as it's own accomplishment, and the joys of a dazzling metaphor. It was incredibly fun and thought-provoking to be a part of this, and talk about my creative process.

You can read the interview here and read the poetry here!

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